How to choose the right colors? A big question for your D-Day

Wedding!! The word itself has so many emotions hidden in it. Every human being has some or the other dreams about their wedding and must have made a lot of plan to make it a memorable one for them and as well as for their family. I was recently reading What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality. which gave me a new perspective. People have taken their marriage so seriously that now a days so many marriage planners has come into existence to help the bride and the groom to prepare for the most important day of their life.

wedding colors
Most important things required in a wedding

Well, there are indefinite ingredients required in a marriage ceremony to make it a grand event. From flowers to curtains everything should be perfect. The most important is considering the theme of the marriage and the choice of colors. Yes, colors are considered to be one of the most important factors of marriage. The choice of it should be done very carefully because it is the best selection of colors which will decide the whole atmosphere of one’s marriage. So the choice of the color depends upon ones mood, as in what kind of mood they want to create in their marriage.
Certain things to remember before choosing your wedding color.

Choosing  a color scheme The first and foremost thing is how to choose wedding color, one thing which you must keep in mind is the location of your marriage and then:
•    If one is an easy going kind of a person then the color then fun colors like red and pink will work.
•    If your nature is calm and serene then blue and green would be most suited for you.
•    If someone wants something modern then they should go for yellow.
Many people often go for a combination of the two colors. They must choose the color very carefully as any mismatch in color will spoil the whole theme. For example the combination of the color green and purple would not be great and at the same time if we match purple and white then it would add a spark to the whole event.
So be careful and keep these things in mind before selecting the color of your D-Day.

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